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SCR-528/628 Radio Set


1 - FT-237 Table Mount

1 - BC-604/684 Transmitter

1 - BC-603/683 Receiver

1 - CH-264 Chest for tools and accessories


The operating frequencies were different but the SCR-508(Armor - VHF FM 20-27.9) and SCR-608 (Artillery - VHF FM 27-38.9) were visually identical externally. 


Which radio set do I need?

Armored Vehicle - Standard - SCR-528/628

Armored Vehicle - Commander - SCR-508/608

Soft Skin Vehicles (eg Halftrack, Weasel, Jeep, Command Car, etc.. )

- Add FT-284 Legs to the existing FT-237 Table

- Or enclose the radio components in a CH-74 cabinet with FT-284 Legs


You may also need:

- T-17 Microphone

- HS-30 Headset

SCR-528/628 Radio Set


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