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MG-34 MG-34t (Panzerlauf) Machine Gun Set


1 - MG-34 MG-34t Panzermantle Heavy Barrel (Panzerlauf)

1 - Gurtsack (open)

1 - Ammo belt (for Gurtsack)

1 - Gurtsack (closed)

1 - Fliegerbeschussgerät (Mounting bracket for Panzers with working anti-aircraft elevation) 


Which MG-34 do I need?

MG-34 Standard - used by infantry and mounted on soft skin vehicles

MG-34 / MG-34t Panzerlauf - used on Panzers like the Tiger, Panzer IV, Panther, King Tiger, etc.

MG-34/41 aka MG-34S - A late war version of the standard MG-34 with shorter barrel that increased the effective firing rate.


Finished model as assembled, detailed and photographed by Steve Dohm.


MG-34 MG-34t (Panzerlauf) Machine Gun Set


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