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German Panzer 38t Ausf E
Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

​The Battleground Panzer 38t Ausf. E in 1:16 and 1:18 scale replicates many of the features found in the original tank including elevating gun, rotating turret and operational hatches.     The main gun is a single piece and snaps into the turret without glue.  The turret attaches to the chassis without glue and will rotate 360 degrees.  


Bring your Battleground model to life with action figures from 21st Century Toys Ultimate Soldier, BBI Elite Force, OurWar or the Forces of Valor Bravo Team line.

Despite it's German name, the Panzer 38t was actually originated in Czechoslovakia as the LT-38 which was primarily designed for export sale to other countries.   The 38t served a wide variety of uses throughtout the war, starting as a fast attack tank and eventually donating it's chassis design to numerous other purpose built armor like the Marder III, as well as munition carriers.  While the 38t did well earlier in the war, despite upgrades over time, it's armor and main gun were too weak to contend with the increasing presence of tanks like the Russian T-34.


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