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German Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun
Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

The Battleground German Pak 36 Anti-Tank Gun available in 1:16 and 1:18 scale replicates many of the features found on the original.  The wheels roll and the trail arms can be positioned in both firing and towed mode.   An ammunition can and a single Panzergranate 40 tungsten-cored shell are also included.  The gun is designed to be crewed by action figures from either the Ultimate Soldier XD line from 21st Century Toys, OurWar, the Action 18 line from Dragon, or the Bravo Team line from Forces of Valor.​

The Pak 36 Anti-Tank gun first saw combat in the Spanish Civil war in 1936.   It was the primary anti-tank weapon at the start of World War 2 and could penetrate almost any opposing armored vehicle.   Originally designed to be pulled by horse, the vehicle was very portable both by light vehicles to the battlefront and by the crew itself for quickly adjusting the gun's position during combat.  

As the war went on, newer enemy tanks were encountered and the Pak 36 crews had to be more selective in choosing targets as the 3.7 cm shells would bounce off of or fail to penetrate vehicles like the Russian T-34 and KV-1.  These challenges drove the use of tungsten core shells as well as the invention of the Stielgranate 41 which was a shaped charge that could be mounted to the barrel and destroy almost any armored vehicle at close range.   

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