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German Infantry Scout Bicycle
Available now in 1:16 and 1:18 Scale

The Battleground German Infantry Scout Bicycle in 1:16 and 1:18 scale accurately replicates the features of the original scout bike and bike comes as a single piece so no assembly is required. 

The German army made widespread use of bicycles, known as Truppenfahrrad, throughout World War 2.  Most were equipped with a case that was attached to the cross bar.  The case could hold a single MG42 ammunition can.  During the latter part of the war, they found a very unique and powerful combination when adding their anti-tank weapons like Panzerfausts with the silent and highly mobile infantry bicycle.   Soldiers so equipped could move stealthily and quickly to take position near enemy armor, fire their weapons and quickly escape in situations where a tank would be too noisy or an anti-tank gun would have been quickly spotted after the first shot.  


As shown in these outstanding finished models by Erwin R. Robijn,  from Battle Tanks Nederland, civilians  placed a high value on captured bikes due to the transportation challenges caused by the war.   Both Axis and Allied soldiers commonly attached them to their motorized vehicles to make it easier to send one crew member to fetch something and not have to fire up and drive the entire vehicle into town or down the lane just for a command briefing. 

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